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Post Sound

Infiniti Q50 Spot

This 60 sec spot depicts a traveler who chooses to drive rather than fly. It is a fast-paced edit that conveys the fun of driving this car, and gives the impression of a competition between the car and a plane to get the destination first. From a sound design perspective, we bounce back and forth between car and plane FX, and we can get a sense of the power and speed that this car is capable of. If you like in-your-face car FX, check this one out.

Nissan Titan - Fortitude

This 2 min video illustrates the similarities between the Nissan Titan's braking and steering systems and larger CAT earth movers and excavators. This piece features a rocking sound track, and dirt digging, piling, moving, and pouring FX galore.

Infiniti Q30 Spot

This 60 sec spot for the Infiniti Q30 features an upbeat soundtrack and some delightful movement FX. Plenty of whip pans, speed ramps, and other visual camera effects are used to emphasize motion and emotion with this spot, and the sound design thus further brings this to life. This is a very fun spot with a plethora of sound design.

Nissan Titan - Structure

This 2 min video compares the Nissan Titan's towing capabilities to that of a freight-hauling tugboat, and how the two are similarly built. The sound design places us in this aquatic environment rich with boat sounds and ocean ambience. A visual effects/motion graphic breakdown also incorporates some detailed information with ample sound FX.

Puma Commercial

This 30 sec spot for Puma features a pro soccer player from the Arsenal team. The sound design features fast-kicking action that culminates with a net-shattering goal, showcasing Puma's soccer cleats along the way.

Pet Dog Infomercial

This hilarious infomercial-style commercial preaches to the audience how having a pet dog can solve so many of life's everyday problems. The sound design and mix is done with a comedic tone that features cartoon-like FX that are guaranteed to evoke laughter. Commercial

This is a fun broadcast spot that ran during the holiday season. Clean dialog mixed with a jolly soundtrack that culminates with subtle sound FX to accompany the visual effects and motion graphics.

Online Poker Promo

Dialog was captured on location at a green screen studio. In post, a variety of sound design was done to yield a different whoosh effect for all of the whip pans and wipe transitions from shot to shot; which there are many. Music finds its way in and out of the mix as appropriate. A touch of Vegas indeed.

NV Dep't of Transportation Commercial

The crosswalk signal change was recorded on location, but all other audio was sound designed and dropped in during post; including footsteps, ambience, and button-push. Cars are a blend between location FX and post sound design. Additional cinematic FX are added to drive the climax of this piece.

Click to watch full length videos of some of my favorite post sound projects.

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